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Software package designed to enhance the appearance of a personal computer

Alienware Skin Pack is a unique software bundle primarily designed for gamers who wish to upgrade the appearance of their desktop. It offers new themes and customised windows to run applications. As opposed to those provided by the manufacturer of the computer, there are countless interesting concepts to choose from. As it has been designed by Alienware, quality is never an issue.

Core Functions and Usability

As Alienware Skin Pack is manufactured for gamers, its interface is very intuitive. Users will be able to preview and select a wide range of themes, windows and borders. Another very interesting feature involves the enhanced functionality of the wallpapers and images themselves. They can be modified by the user and aspects such as shadows are able to adjusted to suit personal preferences. This would be all but impossible when attempting to adjust a standard Windows background.

Additional Features

One new addition included within the latest version of Alienware Skin Pack is a built-in clock. Its appearance can likewise be modified and if desired, this clock can be hidden from the screen entirely. All Alienware icons will be displayed at the bottom of the screen and each one is surrounded by a glowing border. This further contributes to the appearance of this package.


  • A great way to emulate a traditional Alienware system.
  • Users have the ability to tweak the images and to customize their settings.


  • There is no free version available.
  • Some have complained that they were unable to receive their password after the download.


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Alienware Skin Pack


Alienware Skin Pack for PC


User reviews about Alienware Skin Pack

  • Tobias Agustin

    by Tobias Agustin

    As a loyal user of this software, I must say that this is a really good software not only for the gamers but also to people who pays veMore

  • Julieta Thiago

    by Julieta Thiago

    I think most of the players or gamers will really enjoy this software because they can really modify the appearance and customization oMore

  • Andrea Leonardo

    by Andrea Leonardo

    As a pro-gamer myself, I really love that this special skin pack software is highly-made for gamers. The themes, windows options and boMore

  • Aryan Vihaan

    by Aryan Vihaan

    Alienware Skin Pack is a must-have most especially for gamers because this special software is made especially manufactured by the deveMore

  • Danish Majeed

    by Danish Majeed

    I just installed it . Now I see only my cursor n my display full blank
    Help me plzz

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    This skin is way better looking than plain windows.
    love it !!!!! but it does need more icons to make it more compleat,Also it'sMore

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